What Are Custom HTML Email Design Services Worth to Your Bottom Line?

The way we interact with email is different now. We no longer have the attention span to read through plain text emails with paragraphs and paragraphs of text.

Enter custom HTML emails—the reason why we see beautifully-designed email content, from sending eye-catching promotional content, engaging calls-to-action, and even interactive content like surveys. Custom HTML emails will help you get better ROI for your clients, and better results for your shop’s bottom line.

Are you still wondering whether it’s worth it to add custom HTML email design services to your agency’s service menu? Consider some of the ways you can use custom HTML emails to get clients excited and drive results for them, and determine if it makes sense for you. Then evaluate the best custom HTML email design service platform platform options to make production simple and ROI high.

In this post, we show you some of the best reasons you and your marketing team might want to subscribe to email campaign software that lets you create custom HTML campaigns.

Why offer HTML email design services

There’s a long list of reasons agencies should consider Singapore WhatsApp Number List offering custom HTML email design services.

High ROI all around

Email marketing consistently drives among the highest ROI of all channels for agencies and clients alike. That’s partially because of the remarkable results it can achieve in driving revenue and conversions, but also because of how affordable and accessible it is to brands of all sizes, from startups to global enterprises.  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

Big results means happy clients, and happy clients mean bigger accounts, better renewal rates, and an easier time attracting new business. And the low ongoing cost of providing this service means great margins for your shop.

Connect your favorite tools to Campaign Monitor

Connect your favorite tools to Campaign Monitor

Seamlessly connect your ecommerce platform, CRM, website and more.

It’s the next logical step

Many agencies get started as highly specialized boutiques, then methodically expand their services over time. If you’re a growing creative agency or a specialized marketing/advertising provider, HTML email design services are a natural next step into broadening your offerings and revenue sources.

When you already have much of the talent and process in place to make beautiful marketing materials or develop a high-performing campaign, this is a big win you can earn with minimal incremental effort and investment.

Visually appealing emails

When it comes to marketing, looking pretty always comes secondary to getting results. Fortunately with HTML design services, you don’t have to sacrifice on either.

That means you can put the full breadth of your agency’s capabilities on display all at once. While other agency work can be hard to quantify or contextualize, it’s always easy to show off a beautiful email—and then to point to the results it drove.

The result is great material for your sizzle reels, case studies, sales decks, and client meetings.

Even the science supports it: the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it would text. Show, don’t just tell.

A stable source of recurring revenue

One of the hardest things about managing an agency is keeping up consistent cash flow. Accounts can sometimes come and go unexpectedly. And even among reliable clients, their needs will wax and wane throughout the year (along with their billable hours).

HTML email design is a consistent need, once you have clients sold on it. Ongoing campaigns, newsletters, transactional emails and more all require ongoing care and attention to perform optimally. That means reliable work and recurring revenue you can count on.

Flexible to use for multiple campaigns

One great thing about custom HTML email designs is that you can adapt the designs for just about any campaign. For almost any client need, there’s a solution to be found with a thoughtfully built and well-designed email. And if you find an incredible template works well for one client, you can transfer that structure over for use in other accounts.

You can even use them as an effective tool in promoting your own agency! Use a different email template to share an announcement or a client success case study, to promote your best-selling services, to send an RSS feed of your most recent blog posts or podcast episodes, to share discount codes or special email-only promos, and more.

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