Election of the President of the French Web

Remember Arish Derambarsh , Facebook’s pseudo-president elected last year by a few thousand members? The event had caused a lot of talk, the media jumping on this more real than life intox. The will to control this space oflawlessnessfreedom (not enough) supervised reappears with Slovakia B2B List initiative of the Robins of the web. If safeguards are needed to avoid slippages, and given that the authorities do not seem to be quite up to speed with the subject , as much as Internet users take themselves in hand, right? Nothing better than an election to put everything back on track.

The Event Had Caused

This person will of course have to represent the true values, defend peace on earth, take stock with our politicians and advocate the redistribution of wealth. Or not. There is little Slovakia B2B List this operation of the non-profit association has any other purpose than to take a step back on the question of the regulation of the Net , the representation of Internet users in the decisions taken and (let’s be crazy) to create a rather funny buzz. Second degree therefore which raises serious questions. Files are also available on the site to inform you (cybercrime, online administration, Creation and Internet law). Either way, the election will end in 68 days. Until then, you can submit your applicationor (soon) vote for your favorite candidate.

This Person Will of Course

Slovakia B2B List
Slovakia B2B List

Let’s just hope that the chosen one does not take himself seriously as a Slovakia B2B List president, since fallen from above, has been able to do. Finally, nothing beats a presentation videoA quick Google search usually tells you a lot. Try “company name + scam”, if you are overwhelmed by the answers, there is a problem… And try not to trust bogus testimonials and copy / paste from members of the company facts on the forums… Ask yourself who benefits from the job . To you, or to the company that hires you? Logically to both, if it’s unilateral it’s not very promising. A job should cost you nothing and bring you money . Not promises, but a real salary. What look has the site that promises you mountains and wonders?

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