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If you want to start using Webinar in your Digital Marketing strategy, you have to know what are the tools/programs that can be useful to you.


This program is one of the possible ones so that you can spread your Webinar. But take a good look, because its capacity is only up to 200 attendees.

What tools can be used to make a webinar?

This, unlike Anymeeting, is a paid program. However, it is one of the most popular tools for that type of service. Furthermore, Go to Webinar has countless features and utilities.


This application is current, that is, it is among the latest available for download. It is paid but it is cheaper than other platforms.

In addition to that, it has its utilities, such as: connection with your Email Marketing so you can have access to the emails of the attendees.


This program is free. It can be said that it is the version Cameroon Phone Number of Slideshare for Webinar. The truth is that handling it is very simple: you have to upload your Power Point presentation on SlideShare and from there you have access to ZipCast through the same platform.

Your attendees will be able to see you and also the Power Point. Unlike the others, you don’t need to

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record the time of your chat. You can connect and start at the time quoted to your audience.

No matter which tool/program you are going to use, it is important that you know how to use them in a conscious and relevant way for your audience. And always with the pedagogical or Marketing intuition. Be careful with the contents that you will upload on the Web.

What’s left about the webinar?

After reading our article on what a webinar is, do you think it is possible to start thinking about your Digital Marketing strategy through webinars right now?

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