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By what string of circumstances. as Max Weber would say. is it explained that we know very little about it? From a perspective that we dare to call “sociology of ignorance”. in this discussion session we will try to ask a few questions like these and advance some attempts to answer.500 years ago. on October 31. 1516. the action of a monk in a distant town in the small duchy of Saxony-Wittenberg (in present-day Germany) began a process that would historically mark the western world of the last five. centuries: the Protestant Reformation. The mere doubt about the validity of the indulgences triggered the most important rupture of Western Christendom. to the point of transcending and merging with the other conforming spheres of that time.

Undoubtedly. the Protestant Reformation and the consequent confrontation with the faithful in the Roman church spurred the formation of the Modern State. with absolutism and its (comparatively more democratic) alternatives as reference models. It also influenced cultural and artistic development such as scientific knowledge or the daily life of literacy. New. freer. more critical ways of thinking contributed to the development of new discoveries. new techniques. and new attitudes toward economics. fostering and accelerating the transition from feudalism to capitalism.

All This Led To The Slow

Social change that would eventually bury the Old Honduras cell phone numbers and give way to a new era and a new society: the contemporary. Thus. the Protestant Reformation was reflected. in one way or another. now as a fire. sometimes as a simple spark. in the evolutions that unfolded throughout the three centuries of the modern age. end of the hegemony of the Hispanic monarchy (resistance of the last third to the battle of Rocroi. 1643). The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) marked the end of the hegemony of the Spanish monarchy (Battle of Rocroi. 1643) How was this possible? Why did it happen? To answer.

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We must unravel the basic features of the functioning of that modern society and its evolution in its most important areas. Among them. the Reformation plays a prominent role. but it is neither the only nor the most important. Although it has focused on the first lines of this introduction. As Pierre Vilar would say. the continuous interaction of all the elements of evolution is our main postulate. The changes that took place in the conception of the State also influenced the. Reformation and the culture. the economy and the society. At the same time. the same conception of power was accommodating under the pressures provided by these other spheres.

A Similar Introduction Could

Have been made from the innovative forms of manufacturing production or the widening of trade routes; or from the conception of social groups or demographic patterns. Everything is related. Everything helps to shape society. Louis XIV and Versailles. iconic images of the absolute monarchy. Louis XIV and Versailles. iconic images of the absolute monarchy. In this course in Modern History. we propose to take a generic look at the time. Focusing on the most defining and most explanatory basic characters of. The slow change from feudal to capitalist society: the how and the why. The course is divide into four main areas (Economy. Society.

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