Ecological Search Engine: Plant Trees With Ecosearch

There are countless online initiatives with an ecological or humanitarian vocation . I presented to you a few weeks ago a list of sites donating the profits generated by various methods (games, clicks, etc.) to charities . Many search engines are also playing the game. In the same vein as Forestle , here is Ecoogler Ecosearch . The principle is the same. Each search represents a leaf, a tree is planted every 10,000 leaves. The site goes through the NGO Aquaverde to manage the suite. Christmas is fast approaching. Some of you may Paraguay B2B List already carefully prepared your gifts . Others, like me, are late like every year and wonder how they will find time to shop.

Ecological or Humanitarian Vocation

A practical solution is of course to shop online like 68% of French people . Find out where! It’s not my habit to direct you to paid services or commercial sites, but the time of year and the theme of the store force me to ignore my habits. The Ethical Christmas Gifts site is a showcase opened by  Paraguay B2B List sellers of ethical products. To promote their products, they offer a contest with gifts andreduction vouchers to be won every day and 700 euros of shopping vouchers to be won by drawing lots. All you have to do is finish a little memory game to participate.

But the Time of Year and the Theme

Paraguay B2B List
Paraguay B2B List

The initiative, obviously made to boost sales, has the merit of highlighting a sustainable way of consuming and offering. Why not choose some organic, recyclable or fair trade gifts Paraguay B2B List , at least in part? Events of this type intended to publicize certain shops and increase sales in this period of crisis are obviously legion. Among the most buzzed of the moment, let’s mention the CyberMonday store which includes discount coupons valid at many e-commerce players. Fans of the Apple brand will be able to take advantage of Black Friday to benefit from lower prices in the Apple Store .

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