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In the world of online sales, customers cannot see or touch the product. Therefore, a good virtual product presentation is your only weapon. Product description is essential for your online shop. They provide customers with information about your product-guidelines on their features, benefits or how to use them.

Apart from helping your customers, product descriptions work for your SEO and rank your online shop higher. If you describe your product in a creative and unique way, your website will never be left unseen by Google.

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1. Create a communication strategy for the perfect buyer persona
When you have a sale, you should know your target audience as you know your best friend. We have collected the following basic information about buyer personas:


Interests and hobbies

The problems faced by the buyer persona and how the product solves them.
Based on all this information, you can create a product description. The key is to deal with the customer’s pain and show them a solution with product-specific features.

When you create a product description, you need to decide what kind of content you want to use. Suppose you sell a backpack to an 18-year-old college student and another backpack to your father, a 50-year-old lawyer. Would you like to write the same product description for both types of customers? Probably not.

To determine the type of content

you can use to describe your product, you can choose from the following formats:

Nice photo
Creative design
Original and detailed product description
If your target group is millennials, this. However, article describes best practices for attracting millennials to your e-commerce website.

2. Structure of product description
The product description should include the following components:

Product page checklist

Shipping information is usually common to all products. Make sure it appears on your site and is easily accessible. If any of the products have

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