Dotclear and Mozilla Are Launching a Theme Contest

The popular blog engine Dotclear is teaming up with free software icon Mozilla to launch a theme contest . You have until May 16 to express your creativity and make your proposals. These should be based on Dotclear, Mozilla, Open Web or free software themes. The competition is open to Brazil Business Fax List everyone and totally free. Among the various evaluation criteria, we find its design / originality, its relationship to the themes proposed, its quality, its visibility and its legality.

The Popular Blog Engine

Mozilla In addition to the simple pleasure of participating, prizes are put into play to reward the most successful themes: The big winner will win a Wacom Intuos3 A5 Wide graphics tablet . He will see his theme used on the European community blog of Mozilla and on the blog Brazil Business Fax List  to the contest . He will also have the chance to be interviewed by the Mozilla team. The second will leave a Spyder 2 Express screen calibration probe . Finally, the third will be offeres a superb Firefox bag . The three winners will also receive a book “ CSS2 Pratique du design web ”, autographed by its author Raphaël Goetter .

He Will See His Theme Used

Brazil Business Fax List
Brazil Business Fax List

The ten finalists will receive a Mozilla T-shirt . Do not hesitate to submit your creations. To submit your works, go to the official contest page.Do you know what a geek is ? If you have a blog, chances are this word is familiar to you. We have to believe that this is not the case for everyone… The proof with this vox pop produced by PCinpact . Small anthology of offbeat answers received: even the couriers who Brazil Business Fax List make deliveries don’t know what it is, it may be a pen, it can’t be eaten, it has an Apple t-shirt, it’s a Kebab geek… Globally, the only ones who come close to it seem to define the nerd or the no-life rather than the geek. An unfavorable definition that highlights the divide between Internet and high-tech enthusiasts and the general public. Finally, we are not so far from Télé-bistrot…

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