Do You Remember These Unforgettable Marketing Trends of the 2010s?

Digital marketing has been through a lot in the past decade. Things like social media, domain authority, and content marketing have completely evolved.

There’s been so much change, from smarter use of data to global use of mobile, that marketing trends from the early aughts are almost unrecognizable to us now.

Before we can even make predictions for the future, we have to delve deep into the past and explore all the different events leading up to it.

Marketing trends of the early 2010s by year

Read on to discover some of the biggest changes to digital marketing in the 2010s, along with predictions for the year 2020.


2010 was a big year for marketing trends., kicking off a number of the big marketing game-changers. Youtube was building its biggest momentum, Instagram launched, and search history started getting way smarter.

The world was ready for the internet to expand with Lebanon WhatsApp Number List communication, entertainment, and answering every problem imaginable.

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Biggest events:

  • Apple releases iPad
  • Instagram launch
  • YouTube hits 2 billion views
  • User’s search history was introduced into Google Ads

Youtube hits 2 billion views a day (May 2010)

Can you imagine that, only a decade ago, it was a novelty to see video marketing? It was during 2010 when video marketing began to really gain the most popularity, setting it for the future. Having 2 billion views was an unexpected growth for video at the time.

Instagram launches

Instagram today is such a powerhouse for marketing. Twenty-five million brand accounts exist solely on the social platform.

You can’t even think about influencer culture without acknowledging the role that Instagram plays.

Marketers take advantage of the platform to try to pull in as many users to buy their products. Brand awareness is also huge.

Google uses search history to inform ads

Google began using search history to create more personalized news feeds. In addition, This set the stage for the power Google would have in marketing and informed how highly targeted marketing would be necessary.

In addition, Google also updated its algorithm to penalize websites that provided bad user experiences. Businesses then had to optimize their sites so that they weren’t penalized.  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

Growth hacking takes off

Growth hacking as a term was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis. Marketers were also focusing on the marketing funnel. Backlinks, highly targeted paid marketing, and user intent were important to growth hacking.


For the first time, the credibility of your site determined how well you ranked, because of major updates from Google. Snapchat launched and introduced us to direct and disappearing visual communication.

Biggest events:

  • Snapchat launches
  • Domain Authority

Snapchat launches

In 2011, Snapchat gained its popularity for being a visual-first platform. Brands rushed to target the huge youth market on the social media app.

In addition, Brands could also create content that’d directly hit their audiences in their inboxes for the first time, instead of posting or tweeting for thousands of followers.

Moz develops domain authority

SEO is now second nature to digital marketers. Moz were the first to create the concept of “domain authority.” Now the concept of importance of website ranking is one that digital marketers live by.


In addition, 2012 was all about evolving. Brands start to recognize the importance and full potential of social media. By this time, company websites weren’t only about selling products, but a place to gain knowledge and insight.

Biggest events:

  • Rise of content marketing
  • Brands using social media to be more personable
  • Twitter use up 40%

Old spice and taco bell brand twitter scuffle

This twitter beef is worth mentioning because it’s known as one of the first moments where brands show how they can use social media to be more personable. Today, brands try to be as personable as possible so that they can grow customer relationships.

Content marketing takes off

The term “content marketing” increased by 50%. Brands started recognizing that, in order for their customers to give them value. In addition, they must give their customers something of value. Information bega

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