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The attention is very high in podcasts, and the fictional Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Phone Number training podcast has many loyal followers. Who are in the mood to hear about training, not about other things. Get the most out of your advertising dollars. When enlightenment options deals with audio advertising, we are concerned with finding. The right channel Australia Phone Number and podcasts to advertise on. We use Wuhan Mobile Phone Number tools to calculate where we find the right target group. To get the best possible effect from the advertising crowns .before the summer of 2020, we predicted that it would be the radio summer of all time. With many holidaymakers in norway. And that it would be wise to Wuhan Mobile Phone Number in radio ads.

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Annual report show that our prediction Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Phone Number was correct. And that “radio listening went to the ceiling compared to previous years. This bodes well for you who buy commercials. On the radio, but do you really know. Where and when you meet people in your Wuhan Mobile Phone Number target group? Radio-in-car-advertising-easier-choice. An attempt to explain radio purchases in a simple. Way it can be quite complex to understand how Wuhan Mobile Phone Number is connected. When advertising on the radio. Should we focus on coverage. How many Wuhan Mobile Phone Number we reach) or frequency. Which is the number of times each listener is exposed to an advertisement? And which channels should you advertise on? Here it is important to keep your tongue straight in your mouth.

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Who to target? What channels are Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Phone Number they listening to? How many people get to hear the radio commercial? How many times do they hear it? We will try to explain this to you now. Along the way, we will give you more opportunities to drop out if it gets too complicated. If you manage to keep up all the way. We believe that you Phone Number are well on your way to success Wuhan Mobile Phone Number radio advertising. Are you ready? Then we drive! Fewer listeners than before. The proportion of Wuhan Mobile Phone Number population listening to radio has been very stable for many years. But in recent years. We have seen a slight decline in the number of listeners on commercial channels . At the same time, listening time increases. That is, those Wuhan Mobile Phone Number listen to the radio listen longer than before.

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