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In the end, most of Ning Chuangshi faced this problem. However, giving a definitive answer is not easy because each network is unique and each community sets  Austria WhatsApp Number List different goals. Nonetheless, we can certainly point you in the right direction. All you need to do is figure out which of the following statements are true for your network.

Audiences Who Prefer Other

Your network has a selfless mission . Your members join to become social activists or . Support noble causes;Your network represents a.  Non-profit or charitable Austria WhatsApp Number List organization  introduce monetization without enforcement . You want your members to volunteer to . Support your network.Asking network members  .  It’s pretty much the most organic and.  Unobtrusive monetization technique that doesn’t force .  Network members to pay but instead  Austria WhatsApp Number List provides an . Opportunity to contribute to a common cause. Remember Wikipedia? You may have  . Noticed that every once in a while they.  Launch fundraisers to support their website. It doesn’t force you to donate

Forms of Content

Donate, powered by Ning, allows you to set up a “donate” button on your website and accept voluntary payments from community members. Thanks to a variety  Austria WhatsApp Number List of options, you are free to disseminate your information and describe your purposes as you see fit. Owever, if your main goal is to monetize your content, donations are unlikely to guarantee the success of your cause unless  Austria WhatsApp Number List network members are very active in investing in your content or supporting you as an author. This of course puts forward higher requirements for the quality of the content.However, if you are sure that your followers are  Austria WhatsApp Number List motivated enough to contribute to the growth of your network and realize the ethical leverage that enables you to ask for donations, there is no reason not to try it on your site.

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