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Constantly, when surfing the Internet, we come across unknown words and terms .

And you can even try, but you will never know the meaning of all of them. This happens because new words arise all the time.

In the English language, for example, a new word arises every 98 minutes , which is 14.7 per day.

This also influences our language, mainly in the Digital Marketing environment and other segments of the web, where the language is practically unified. Not in vain, the millionth registered word, in 2009, was Web 2.0.

We call this phenomenon a neologism. It happens both when creating new expressions and words and when assigning new meanings to terms that already exist.

They can be artificial or spontaneous, but the second Cyprus Phone Number example occurs more often.

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This is the case of the word thumbnail . Although it has a literal meaning, its semantics have changed with technological evolution.

In this article, you will find out what it is and learn about its usefulness today.

And then, what is a thumbnail?

Look at your thumb on your right hand. Done, you just found a thumbnail.

In its literal translation, it is the union of the words thumb (thumb) and nail (nail). “Stop eating your thumbnails right now,” your mother might say a few years ago.

Remember when we talked about semantic transformation?

In the digital environment, this is the term used to designate a thumbnail image.

Although most people do not

know what a thumbnail is, it is very likely that they have already come across several throughout their lives.

You know that still image that appears in a YouTube video? Or have you already seen the photos in a reduced size in the gallery of your smartphone?

You have certainly already seen them on your favorite blog and after clicking on them, you have been able to see them in their original size.

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