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Moreover A new version of Regions Job Cafés has recently been put online. For those unfamiliar with our Cafés, these are community spaces designs to help job seekers by providing Guyana B2B List them with useful tools. Six Cafés are present on the various sites of our network: IT, Sales/Distribution, Industry, Banking/Insurance, HR/Management and Construction. Has Recently Been Put Online

You can find there: Job forecast : it allows you to see at a glance Guyana B2B List the employment trend in your sector, city by city.  : what keywords to put on your CV to be found in CV libraries? The answer is here. Le Fil Info : interviews, fairs, briefs… All the latest employment news. Wikiprofessions : a collaborative definition of today’s professions where everyone can give their opinion. Job blogs : the blogs of candidates and companies are presents there. Compare! I wonder about its real interest. What is the difference with messaging (instant or not)? No doubt the pleasure of doing things differently.

The Employment Trend

Guyana B2B List
Guyana B2B List

There she is Your guests will be able to access and download Guyana B2B List your documents. A chat is of course available to exchange live. priscilla I find the site really well done. The possibilities are numerous and all go in the direction of information sharing. From a practical point of view, Guyana B2B List this virtual office will not replace traditional meetings or the means of communication mainly used today to share documents (mails, Intranet, etc.). However, it adds a touch of fun to collaborative work that feels good. To test, really! The site is still in beta version. You can pay to get a premium account. On the other hand, the site is not very clear on the services offeres in addition if you take the plunge…

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