Digitization Into the Companies From Romania

Digitization is an increasingly present trend in the Romanian business environment, but also abroad. In this context, Beck et al. Services together with MKOR Consulting conducted a market study on digitization in Romanian companies . In the study, we asked the Algeria WhatsApp Number experts directly involved in such projects. What are the main challenges encountered in the current activity and what digitization solutions they use to address these challenges. The benefits of digitization solutions Companies recognize the positive impact that the implementation of digitization solutions has.

The Benefits of Digitization Solutions

The main advantages concern both the operational and financial aspects, as well as the strategic dimension through: Streamlining the decision-making process High predictability Possibility of scaling Internal traceability Download the free digital wallpaper “Digitalization in Romanian companies” and discover the complete list of benefits. The most popular digital products and services Experts are familiar with the main options for digitization products and services available to companies, regardless of industry. However, there is a discrepancy between the level of notoriety and the effective utilization rate of the listed digitization solutions. Thus, although popular, technologies such as Blockchain, RPA, VR or AR are less used. And the lack of specialized human resources.

The Most Popular Digital Products and Services

Algeria WhatsApp Number
Algeria WhatsApp Number

The large initial investment or the limited options at the level of suppliers may be possible explanations for the lower adoption rate of these technologies. The main challenges in the current activity that underline the need for digitization Romanian companies face a number of challenges, which include processes and workflows, document management, data management, human resources or decision making. At the organizational level, the most common blockages may occur due to: repetitive work

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