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Title tags help you structure your page.  Content in a way that is easier for readers and . Search engines to understand. They perform two basic tasks:Separating  Jordan Phone Number List different logical . Parts of content from each other to improve.  Their readability and “skimming. Give Jordan Phone Number List  search engines more.  Hints about what is displayed on the page.The hierarchy of title tags.  Allows you to  Jordan Phone Number List organize page.  Content in a clear and organized manner.

If Your Site Has Two Or More Similar

Properly structuring your content with title tags will make it easier to use. At the same time, organically introduced keywords in the title/subtitle can increase the chances of your content ranking hig Here’s how your content structure looks inCanonical tags are used to instruct search engines to prioritize a particular page over other pages with similar content. It allows  Jordan Phone Number List webmasters to use copied or syndicated content while avoiding the penalties associated with duplication of content.

The HTML Code Representing The Canonical

If your site has two or more similar pages, the canonical tag will let you specify the URL of the “main” page, which Google should consider as the source. The HTML code representing the canonical tag looks like this: Technically, alt text is not a meta tag. It is an attribute. But it implements a function very similar to that of meta tags. Simply put, alt text is a textual description of an image on a web page. Since search engines can’t actually see it, it allows them to “read” the image. Based on alt text Jordan Phone Number List  and other signals, Google recognizes the content of your pages. Therefore, it makes sense to include keywords in alt text to Jordan Phone Number List  increase your page’s chances of getting higher in the SERPs. Also, if the page doesn’t load properly, alt text will appear in place of your image.

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