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This new weekly selection is of course devoted to digital identity as part of the special week devoted to this subject on this blog. as well as a selection of useful tools to manage it, files and advice dealing with of again social networks and numerous analyzes on the subject of digital identity, privacy and e-reputation . Tools and services Rezo7 – Test your digital identity: moreover educational tool to take stock of your online traces. – Managing your livestream with web services : or how to centralize the use of Ireland Business Fax List in one place. Social media – The invasion of social meta-aggregators: or when aggregators are no longer enough.

Digital Identity as Part of the Special

Web intent – ​​UnHub: manage your digital identity: centralizing service that can be convenient. Facebook Social networks moreover CASES Luxembourg – as well as  protect your identity on Facebook: the file is starting correspondingly  a bit dated, also remains Ireland Business Fax List on this issue. Atelier  Social networks: anonymity does not guarantee respect for privacy : or how an algorithm can play with anonymity. paper Digital identity, also-reputation and privacy Jean-Marc Manach – Privacy, a problem for old idiots? : reflection on our relationship to privacy.

Facebook Social Networks

Ireland Business Fax List
Ireland Business Fax List

Are we currently experiencing an equivalent of the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s? Doyoubuzz – Press review: every week. find a watch on of the question of digital identity. however – homonyms and identity theft: a problem that is likely to grow. Web 2.0 revolution live! – Ireland Business Fax List Advice on managing a personal brand and its online reputation : 4-handed post written by Fadhil Brahimi and Jean-François Ruiz. Techtrends – Who can make a teenager responsible for their digital identity? : a real problem, illustrated by an example. Fadhila Brahimi – also differentiate yourself and find a particular sign to highlight yourself? : we are also unique, it is up to us to make it known. Richard Peirano – On digital identity, where? With who ? who or what? : our online identity is multiple. It differs depending on where we are, just like in real life.

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