Digital Identity, Between Freedom of Expression and Privacy

Jean-Marc Manach is a trainer and journalist . He works in particular for, of which he manages the Netosphere part, for InternetActu , a pioneer in monitoring digital innovation and for , which no longer needs to be presented. Also a blogger, you could read it on Rewriting , Bug Brother and as part of the Big Brother Awards. His favorite subjects include the surveillance society and the relationship to privacy , on which he recently wrote a remarkable article .

In this interview, he returns to the problem of the exploitation of personal data, the space of freedom of expression constituted by the Internet and the awareness that must be raised by the general public. Many thanks to him for this exciting contribution to this special Digital Identity week . Several recent events, coupled with alarmist journalistic treatment, have raised the specter of Big Brother on the web. Do Internet French Business Fax List to be wary of the exploitation of their personal data? Yes and no.

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This is the whole problem that I pose in the editorial “ Private life, a problem for old idiots . journalists and people in power. Today, everyone can speak. This is a step in the right direction. The problem is that some people have a job of aggregating personal dataand can use it for any purpose. A French Business Fax List on our premises said earlier that because of his political involvement in the last presidential elections, he cannot find work. As soon as a potential employer types his name into a search engine, he sees which political candidate he campaigned for and prefers to avoid having a seed of trade unionist in his team. Examples like this are plentiful.

The Strengths of the Internet

French Business Fax List
French Business Fax List

The question is not only that of personal data but also that of freedom of expression. Is it because people are using our personal data inappropriately that we should keep quiet? French Business Fax List to curb freedom of expression for fear of being spied on ?For a very long time, it was frownes upon for a woman to walk around alone, wear makeup or wear miniskirts. Feminists have arrived, have made sexual liberation, and mores have evolved.

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