Different Platforms Also Matters Luxembourg Phone Number

When trying to measure social media impact instead of social media buzz, it’s more accurate to look at comments than video view counts. This is because the videos are auto-playing. When you have more than 300 shares (many of which are from co-interested participants), the video will autoplay many times. However, this does not represent a sign of commitment. But the comments do. They require that people engaging with the post have at least some idea of what they’re talking about – so they need to have at least opened the actual blog post or watched part of the video in order to have an entry into the conversation.

The same goes for the Bright Side post below. It has 1k shares, but that doesn’t mean people actually opened the article content.

All it takes for an influencer to click share is for a large number of their followers to do the same, without even considering the rest. Social Media Comments – Facebook Screenshot of Social Media Performance Metrics Social media metrics are typically used to give us an idea of how our content is buzzing. It’s not necessarily about readers going through it sentence by sentence or spending a lot of time on it, but rather how big it is in terms of social media.

Advertising Continue reading below Shares and retweets The number of shares on different platforms also matters in deciding the awareness and exposure of your content. However, just like in Orwell’s Animal Farm, some are better than others.

While it’s commonly accepted that it can take time to build a Facebook audience as well as a Twitter audience or a Pinterest audience, there are clear winners. So take this article. Does it really matter if you have 428 LinkedIn shares versus 500 Facebook or Twitter shares? Share on LinkedIn Screenshot from From the perspective of the buzz you’ve created, Facebook wins. However, we also want to measure engagement. And LinkedIn is a professional network, where people are more likely to be interested in in-depth content than just a headline they’re browsing on their newsfeed.

Advertising Continue reading below So, technically, it’s not only more difficult to create more than 400 shares on LinkedIn than on Facebook (given the dimensions of the network), but it also brings the advantage of stronger engagement.

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