Detecting Plagiarism Online: Fairshare Unmasks the Copiers

The management of copyright is a real problem related to the Internet. The ease with which information and intangible data can be disseminates (RSS, peer-to-peer, etc.) makes Finland B2B List of its content almost impossible. If this question has been debated for a long time in certain industries (cinema, music), it arises more and more at the individual level. Bloggers are of course on the front line. By putting their personal productions online on a daily basis (photos, videos, texts, etc.), they expose themselves to being taken over, quoted, copied or even looted by unscrupulous people. Several tools have thus appeared, such as Copyscape , Copycheck or Copyrightspot. They allow you to find pages offering similar content to your blog. In this Duplicate Content hunt , Fairshare seems to be skipping a step.

Several Tools Have Thus Appeared

The tools mentioned above were quite imprecise and required a Finland B2B List to keep informed. Fairshare offers you to receive by RSS feed the latest traces of copying found online. Practice ! fair share First step, registration. The site is currently in beta phase , you will have to wait a few days to receive an invitation. Next, you will need to indicate your RSS feed and how you want to protect your text. You are offered three choices. They correspond to various Creative Commons licenses : commercial use prohibited, return link required… Once your  has been set up, all you have to do is wait a bit. The RSS feed will be active quickly, indicating the sources that have taken over all or part of one of your posts, but also the post in question, the number of words copiedand the application of the various criteria relating .

The Latest Traces of Copying

Finland B2B List
Finland B2B List

Chosen Creative Commons license. You will therefore know directly if the site in question has placed a link for you, contains advertisements or has modified the original. Really well seen. Finland B2B List is resolutely modern in its approach. Any resumption of a text is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if one seeks to make known his writings. By offering on a plate (RSS) compliance with your Creative Commons license , the service chews up the work for you… Of course, you will find a good number of digg-likes and various aggregators in the results. But the service is still in beta, other features should emerge to help you filter the results.

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