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Used by people. After all. the Olympic Games. even when there is not the same expectation of other editions. are a perfect hook for companies and brands. and even more so when we continue to live in a context of not leaving home or going out as little as possible and avoiding infections. If we add to this that the services of delivery apps have been among the most used during the strong peak of the pandemic in 2020. It seems the ideal framework to continue recording profits taking advantage of this boom. Didi Food redesigns its delivery backpack.

It weighs 2.3 kilos less and this says about the delivery app Didi Food now owns Starbucks. and to celebrate it’s releasing a personalized playlist on Spotify The Japanese company Shionogi & Co.. based in Osaka. has begun work on its pill against Covid-19. joining Pfizer and Merck in the race to develop the drug. Shionogi & Co.. a Japanese company. has begun work on its pill against Covid-19. joining the Pfizer and Merck race Since last March. Pfizer began trials of its pill against the disease The American company Merck has also started testing its pill. confirming that it is in Phase II of its study The Japanese company Shionogi & Co.

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A year since Covid-19 took us away from the life we Kuwait phone number more than a year trying a different lifestyle: with virtual meetings. work in home office mode. etc. From March 2020 to July -almost August- 2021. of course. Several advances have been made on the subject of vaccination and in some countries it has had a good flow. Of course. there is still much to be done. but perhaps the most important thing will be to regain confidence. And the desire to go out on the streets once the presence of covid has diminished to such a degree that it is no longer necessary to use face masks. as is already happening in other countries.

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That are working on the development of an oral drug to combat the virus. Pfizer and Merck are now joined by a Japanese company. Shionogi & Co.. which has also taken on the task of creating its own pill against Covid-19. with what seems to be starting a new fight to see who it is the first to place its medicine on the market. Shionogi & Co. joins the race to develop pills against Covid According to information published in The Wall Street Journal. the Shionogi & Co. company is already conducting human trials to test its pill.

A Medicine That Must Be

Taken once a day to combat the symptoms of covid. The tests began this month in which the effectiveness of the drug is analyzed. As well as the side effects that it can generate in people. As reported by The Wall Street Journal. Shionogi & Co. hopes to enroll 50 to 100 people for its trials in Japan and conduct a larger trial and deeper analysis of its effectiveness by the end of this year. With this. the Japanese company joins the efforts of other companies. Such as Pfizer and Merck. to develop an alternative to vaccines against Covid-19. Since last March. Pfizer began trials of its pill against the disease. Which. it is estimated. would be arriving at the end of this 2021.

According to what is mentioned in The Wall Street Journal. The pharmaceutical company confirmed to be in Phase II of its study. Which has revealed that the drug it is testing. Molnupiravir. generates a more rapid reduction of the disease in its stage early. The fight against Covid-19. Also a marketing battle? It is clear that this is good news at a time when the Covid-19 and its new variant. the Delta. Continues to spread throughout the world. being the dominant one today. In Mexico. more than 50 percent of people infected with covid are due to this variant. While more positive cases are added every day and. With them. an increase in the presence of the delta variant.

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