Deezer Changes: Legal Alternatives to Listen to Music Online for Free

This is the bad buzz of the moment…. After seducing Internet users, Deezer is revising its offer downwards. Compulsory registration, fewer titles available… Indeed, success in terms of traffic is not followed by sufficient financial results. The news caused a stir last summer: the music site had only brought in 70,000 euros in six months for SACEM . In other words, a drop of water compared to the more than 750 million euros collected over the year. Everything free online has its limits, monetization and Denmark B2B List first place. Ask Mark Zuckerberg! Deezer is therefore obliged to review its course of action, no doubt pushed by majors reluctant to let the goose that lays the golden eggs escape. Record sales are down, MP3 sales are not compensating, clumsy legislative attempts are not reducing illegal downloads …

After Seducing Internet Users

This attempt to adapt to web uses and new consumption patterns is therefore a step backwards. A double even, with the recent authorization of IP collections . The recent announcement of adding Denmark B2B List between the songs broadcast and the launch of a paid application for the iPhone did not prevent several majors from reacting. Deezer announces it itself on its blog, several important things will change. Here they are : Mandatory registration : you can no longer listen to music on the site without logging in. You will now need to register. Territorial Restrictions : Some songs are only available to listen to in certain countries. Part of the catalog has therefore disappeared… If you had concocted one or more playlists, you will have the unpleasant surprise of seeing them reduced. Appearance of audio advertising : as I told you above, you will now be entitled to advertising between titles.

The Recent Announcement of Adin

Denmark B2B List
Denmark B2B List

Things are therefore changing, the model is adapting to best meet the imperatives of profitability. It’s not easy to spare the susceptibility of the Majors who are already on edge… To Denmark B2B List online music, other alternatives are available to you. It’s always good to have choices and not be dependent on one source . Here are three legal alternatives. spotifySpotify : Spotify comes in the form of a software to download. It will allow you to listen to your favorite titles in streaming. The advantages are numerous and the echoes are excellent everywhere in the blogosphere. It is only available by invitation at the moment. Fred has 250, Web is Well has 100, and dozens of other blogs provide it. This is more of a teaser than a real restriction!

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