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Mexico City to a podcast.

BytePodcast focuses on computing in general and current technology news. In addition, he usually conducts interviews with personalities with authority on these issues.

This is another of the technology podcasts in Spanish that stands out for being entertaining and very useful.

Like many other Mexican programs, it includes topics on video games and analysis of the different consoles on the world market, although it also addresses many other technology topics.

The podcast is hosted by different members of the Mixx.io team , a technology and business portal created by Alex Barredo.

In conclusion

Good! If you have accompanied us this far, you already Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number know 11 of the technology podcasts in Spanish that will help you stay up to date on the technological world and broaden your knowledge.

It is important that you keep in mind that a podcast itself can also be part of a large-scale digital and relevant content dissemination strategy, as Google recently announced that it will start showing podcast episodes in its results .

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So yes, creating and hosting

a podcast is also a way to promote your brand and your products or services.

Also, don’t forget that the learning you provide will help you approach your potential customers and employ strategies that boost your business.

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