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Number of Metrics : The basic version can present only 20 metrics, while the advanced one allows you to perform up to 200 different metrics. Data processing : Basic Analytics allows us to obtain the data between 4 and 48 hours, while the payment one can obtain it in a maximum of 4 hours. Technical Support: The paid version allows access to Google’s technical support, while the basic version does not have it. Despite these differences, the paid version is recommended only for really large companies or organizations since, according to Doctor Mentrics, it has an approximate price of 100,000 euros, so not just any company can allocate this amount of capital to this platform.

Google Analytics is used to improve our websites and create marketing campaigns that can help us achieve better results. Related Notes: New elements in Google Analytics that marketers should know about How to track your conversions in Google Analytics 5 steps for your content to be more valued by Google Analytics. Disney, owner of unbeatable brands such as Avengers and Star Wars, increasingly stalks rival platforms from regional landings. Bloomberg data from February 2021 says that Disney Plus achieved just over 90 million users in 14 months.

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That Netflix took almost 9 years to reach This Algeria mobile number that the growth of the mega entertainment company, owner of atomic power brands such as Avenger and Star Wars, has everything to fight the pioneer service of the streaming ecosystem. One of Disney’s strategies to hit Netflix with death is the regional landing, which is advancing without brake around the world. The latest development in this regard is the acceleration of its entry into the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( ASEAN , for its acronym in English). Disney Plus, the streaming portal, had its last launch in ASEAN in Thailand , on June 30, 20 days after launching in Malaysia and two months after landing in Singapore .

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He had previously set foot in Indonesia , on September 5, 2020. In this way, Disney and its streaming service already reaches four of the 10 countries. Of the regional block that contains more than 650 million people. If the population of the region is grouped, it is the third in Asia only behind. China and India (by the way, it is not past this decade that India will surpass. Xi Jingping’s country in number of inhabitants). Returning to the US media company. In addition to launching in new ASEAN countries, he hired regional heads for numerous key positions tied to the platform. Such as advertising manager, public relations and communications manager. And growth and acquisitions manager, and social media manager.

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Besides population size, why is ASEAN important to Disney? Among other things, because in this massive market the middle class is. Increasing exponentially and because its inhabitants have a long history of consuming Western media. In addition, it is a more than obvious step for Disney because for. Several years it has invested resources to adapt more and more content, including blockbuster movies and series. With a view to distribution in Asian markets. This year’s U.S. releases from Disney include, for example. The superhero film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and the animated film. “Raya and the Last Dragon,” both of which especially feature Asian and Chinese casts. They reflect in detail different cultures of the region. The importance of Southeast Asia for digital businesses is widely recognized.

The gross value of the region’s online business economy is expected to triple between 2020 and 2025, to $300 billion, according to statistics from Google, Temasek and Bain&Co. The three companies also found that interest in streaming services increased in 2020 during. The coronavirus pandemic as people were forced to stay indoors due to movement restrictions. Some more data: Online media traffic grew 21 percent fueled. In part, by a sharp rise in search interest across streaming video providers. Thailand, for example, traffic grew 18 times and in Vietnam, 12. In ASEAN, Netflix has a time advantage, as in the rest of the world. The platform has been present in the region for five years. Having launched its streaming service in 2016.

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