Crisis Covid: How to Use This One Period into the Benefit

We live in turbulent times, in which we do not know. How to position ourselves in the face of uncertainty. In order to face it. We believe that if you pay attention to signals, you can use this period to your advantage. Today, business is undergoing a Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number transformation that is close to metamorphosis. While shareholders (maybe even yourself!) Are waiting for dividends, there has never been a better time to answer the question: How does my company really help the community? Last week I was invited to two online events.

Discussion With Florin

Podcast  8 with Florin Șomodi and WebTalks # 3 by JCI Bucharest . We talked as friends. But seriously, about how the COVID-19 epidemic is impacting. Our daily lives as people, but also as business owners. In the two webinars, we detailed how we can turn the crisis into an advantage , so that we can maintain our productivity and positivism. I was very pleased to talk about the latest own study conducted by the MKOR team. But also about how we reinvent ourselves and grow in times of crisis, making full use of the diversified resources and know-how of the team.

The Importance of Market Research

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number
Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number

Below, I invite you to find out what I said about the Impact of the Coronavirus Epidemic on Romanians , but also about the newest personalized marketing tool offered by MKOR: Microsurveys . Discussion with Florin Șomodi: Romanian business in times of pandemic, pivoting business in times of crisis and the role of Microsurveys Florin Șomodi is a Business Coach & Trainer and CEO of Vision 12. An expert partner of MKOR.

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