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Who says new year says new calendar! That of the firefighters, the postman, your niece’s association and others do not suit you? Want to display something other than kittens and animals? There are several solutions to create your calendars for free with your own photos. Here are 2. Big Huge Labs Several sizes are available. Choose your month, upload your photo and you’re done. On the other hand, it will be Panama B2B List to redo the same manipulation 12 times. All you have to do is save and print the result. calendar My calendar maker Three calendar formats are available to you: full-page photo, (therefore double-sided), half-image half-dates page and a block offering 12 sheets for a single photo.

Want to Display Something Other

Choose the months you want to appear then upload your photos. You can, before printing it, add events to each date (birthdays, holidays, etc.). All you have to do is print it all out. Panama B2B List also add some text to each page andOriginality and quality are at the rendezvous. neatorama Neatorama : a great classic among blogs from across the Atlantic, Neatorama explores the news of offbeat information. Don’t look for anything deep, just light notes on what everyday life can sometimes offer us. Web news, buzz, humor koreusKoreus : this is undoubtedly the largest French blog in terms of its audience and its community. You can find everything that buzzes there, unusual videos, games, images…

The News of Offbeat Information

Panama B2B List
Panama B2B List

To see and see again. screensScreens : this Liberation site is probably my favorite on the list. As its name suggests, it is interested in the news of your screens: video games, Panama B2B List, television, cinema‚Ķ The editors are talented, the selections implacable and the variety of subjects will make you discover your possible future passions. An RSS feed to open in the morning! diggDigg : the site that gave their name to digg-likes. You will find a summary of the best of the Internet classified by categories. There is really everything, it’s up to you to find what you like. You can unearth real gems there, like wasting your time on uninteresting semi-scoops. But it is trying. whatsupnetWhat’s up net : a little cronyism to finish. What’s up net (on which I write) presents a selection of web news, flash games, quirky videos or any other more or less useless and therefore essential information. To read, of course

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