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The basic idea of ​​EmbedR is simple but effective. The majority of video hosting sites provide users with embed codes to allow them to export them to their blogs. The idea is good and most bloggers use it. But what if you want to upload multiple videos ? The players follow one after the other, forcing the reader to scroll and click on play every X minutes. However, solutions exist to facilitate the transition from one video to another. Apart from the famous related videos , we can thus find the Dailymotion or Germany B2B List allows you to watch videos in a loop on the same keyword.

The Majority of Video Hosting Sites

Embedr EmbedR offers you a ready-made and quick-to-implement Germany B2B List will delight your most click-hungry readers. Indeed, you have the possibility of placing up to 100 videos on the same player . It’s up to you to choose whether you want a Smart playlist (which is based on Youtube keywords, a bit like Infinitube ) and a Standard playlist where each title will be determined manually. At the moment, you can insert videos hosted on Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Blip tv, Metacafe, Vimeo and more. So you have the choice! All you have to do is enter the URL or embed code of each chosen video. You can also add a description andtags to your playlist . The handling is intuitive, you should not take more than a few minutes to make your “mix”.

You a Ready-made and Quick-to-implement

Germany B2B List
Germany B2B List

The videos follow each other automatically, which is nice. The proof with 15 videos on the theme of office humor. An embed code will allow you to place the result easily on your blog. Everything is Germany B2B List. Feel free to share your discoveries with your readers!Help – The design and original sink stopper: original and aesthetic, I want one! Flash Café Games – Mr Bounce: Remember brick games? This one is an interesting and more difficult variant. Chez Pilou – The sequel to Heineken’s wacky new ad: a cheerful ad. If you haven’t seen the first one, here it is. Web news cocktail – Film your son coming out of the dentist and everyone is watching : probably the most buzzed video this week. Geeek – La Poste innovates and puts my stamp online! : it’s tempting, right?

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