Create a Portfolio Easily With Picsviewr

I really fell in love with this site. PicsviewR lets you create a portfolio in two clicks. But not just any portfolio! You have a dozen to choose from, each one more successful than the Bolivia B2B List . To create your own, just enter your FlickR username . Then all you have to do is choose your favourite. You will get a URL for each display type. Photos can then be pulled by tag or by album. Pretty simple, right? The quality of service makes more presentation unnecessary.

Successful Than the Other

Let three examples speak for themselves   Tiltviewer I was looking at Glen Le Bourhis’ excellent portfolio yesterday. Chance or coincidence, PicsviewR offers the same tool. The photos will then Bolivia B2B List in this way (with a really nice 3D rendering): picsviewr Click on images to enlarge. You will have access to the back of each of them to the additional information published on FlickR. picsviewr The animation effects to change the image are very successful. polaroid gallery Your photos are presented here in the form of polaroids on a table. You can move them as you wish.

The Photos Will Then Be Presented

Bolivia B2B List
Bolivia B2B List

polaroids Click on the image of your choice to see it larger. polaroids2 Pictures Bolivia B2B List stack Want to view your photos as in real life? They appear here as a stack. Click on the one above to go to the next one. stack of photos 10 templates have been proposed to you, the choice is yours! Only defect, a thin strip of advertising is present at the bottom of the portfolio. it doesn’t spoil the fun   Some templates can be downloaded without advertising on other sites. This is the case for example of Tiltviewer . You should find them easily on Google.

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