Create a high-quality resume with product thinking, just these 3 steps Turkey Mobile Number

For school admissions, resumes are  the stepping stone on the road to school admissions. A high-quality, yet realistic resume can help you win more opportunities.

If you think of your resume as a product you built yourself (in fact, it may indeed be your first work), how do you use product thinking to create a high-quality resume? Let’s talk today.

First, let’s define what a good resume is. In my opinion, a high-quality resume must have the following characteristics:

(1) True restoration

First of all, it must be true. If the Turkey Mobile Number content of a great resume is adulterated, it is equivalent to a piece of waste paper. It’s not a product-wide issue, it’s about values.

Secondly, a high-quality resume  should at least have a very good degree of restoration, which means that there should not be a big gap between the level presented by the resume and your real level.

But in reality, there are many people who are very good at things, but they don’t know how to highlight their value on their resumes.

(2) Highlight the key points

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A high-quality resume can highlight the most important content within a limited capacity, catch the eye in a short period of time, and generate attractiveness.

Sometimes when the experience is very rich, it is not necessary to put it all on the resume. There should be different focuses for different job positions. Too much content will increase the cost of reading.

(3) Clear positioning

In the first sentence of the article, I said that your resume is your business card, which represents different you in different scenarios.

Many people only know how to fill in content in their resumes, but they don’t know how to polish them.

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