Cosmin Iliescu, Lawyer: Gdpr It Is a Opportunity of Reduction

We are fast approaching the date of entry. Into force of the new legislation which will change the way personal data. Controllers operate. As you know, GDPR will apply from May 25, 2018. What the business community already knows is that GDPR will make a difference, Hungary WhatsApp Number but for many of us it is unclear. For this reason, we decided to do what we know best, namely, to research and document ourselves. Exclusive interview. We turned to a legal specialist to answer a series of specific questions.

Exclusive Interview

In order to find the most effective approach to complying with the new laws. Then Cosmin Iliescu, a lawyer with experience in the field, gave us an exclusive interview detailing what GDPR means, who applies it, what rights it protects and what opportunities arise. Cosmin Iliescu has been a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2001. Being involved in Data Protection projects for over 10 years. Then He is an associate of the Civil Society. Of Lawyers Păcuraru, Iliescu. Măzăreanu & Asociații and, together with his colleagues.

News Brought by Gdpr

Hungary WhatsApp Number
Hungary WhatsApp Number

Then He has accumulated extensive experience in various areas of practice, such as IT&C, meal voucher law, public procurement, commercial law, insurance, among others. News brought by GDPR What does the new GDPR bring compared to the current legislation? First of all, we are talking about a regulation that will replace the current directive. That was transposed in the past through Law 677/2001. As the GDPR is a Regulation. Adopted at EU level. It will be directly applicable in all EU Member States. And there is no need for a transposition law in this regard. Certain pre-existing elements are emphasized.

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