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We need to post  videos on YouTube that people really want to see.  It is necessary to repeat this idea a thousand times, because finally that is where the success of any action is found, and even more so when it comes to  digital marketing .

A good way to get people to follow you and feel interested in seeing your content is by adapting the following existing forms of video to your way of communicating:


“How to do…”

We are living in the era of: Do it yourself; which is not to say that many people do not like to follow instructions. On the contrary, take advantage of the space in your video to teach something related to your business category step by step.


You can resort to paying for your video to

be published in the platform’s advertising. In this way, you will increase your general account of visits and will position your channel better in terms of traffic.

But it is not the only alternative. You can start Portugal Phone Number spreading the video on your own in your networks, in the comments to other related videos, on your website, among others.


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Make creative stories related to your brand.

Learn more about how to create stories about your brand that the public is interested in at this link:  Storytelling .

Creativity without borders

Forms of videos are as many as making  content . It’s just that you use your ideas in your favor.

You can make videos that talk about:

  • Tips
  • anecdotes
  • Ways to consume what you offer
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • about updates
  • Other sites and references of interest to your audience
  • demonstrative
  • Testimonials
  • Among many others.

Always keeping in mind that the video you make is the right one for each case of your communication stage.

Look at this link where you will learn how to awaken your creativity when communicating with your audience:  What is creativity .

Improve the relevance of your channel

One of the most important aspects in the visibility of your videos is the relevance of your channel. The higher the relevance, the better the positioning.

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