Communication Errors In Social Networks

Nobody finds it weird anymore. However, there are many politicians who incorrectly manage their digital presence. The ideal is always to have a main channel from which to transmit the information that is amplified on social networks (the institutional website, blog, television channel – YouTube…). Because social channels are a means to spread the message that is intended to be transmitted. They are a means, not the end. Main errors in political communication in social networks Buy Followers . We have all seen the occasional controversy in the media for this reason. And the truth is that buying followers is useless, on the contrary. First of all, followers are fake and will not amplify our message.

And secondly, when it comes to light, our image will be damaged. Use social media only during election campaigns . There are many politicians who only use their accounts during the electoral period. And that conveys two messages: mere advertising channel and lack of interest in communicating with their constituents. If you decide to have a presence in digital media, you need to feed them content and be close to users throughout the year. To think that the presence in social networks is enough as a central axis of communication .

As We Said Before

It is important to have a central channel that is Canada phone number database through social media. Not establishing a style book and guidelines to follow in everything that is communicated. Sometimes, although less and less, we see tweets, posts on Facebook or Instagram that send a message to the network “hot”, without first reflecting, reviewing and reviewing again before publishing. When the style book exists and it is clear what is going to be published and what is not, this does not happen. But if there is not a marked line, serious reputational crises can be generated. Don’t “listen” . Mere presence on social media is not enough. It is important to see what people write to us and interact. They seek two-way communication. Taking care of the image in an inadequate way . And we are not referring to the way you dress.

Canada phone number database

Because this can be exceptional but if the photographs are of poor quality, spelling mistakes are made or we do not take into account the different formats that we must use in each social network… the image transmitted will be negative.Surely you have heard and read many times that your company website should have a blog. Which is good for SEO and brand building. But of course, you are not very clear about how SEO works. Calm down, now we explain it. Google – and other search engines – like blogs. SEO is optimizing your website so that search engines index it in the best possible way and appear in the first search results. In other words, make it easier for Google bots and other search engines, and do what they score the most so that they position you better in search results.

And One Of The Things

That search engines like the most is that you update the content of your website very frequently. He thinks that people use them because they think they will find the information they are looking for. For this reason, Google wants it to be fresh and of quality. Frequently updating your website is very important How many companies have hired a web page and have never updated it? very many. The problem is that this way they will never be able to appear in the first search results, nor generate traffic. Consequently, they do not take advantage of the opportunities that their website can generate (position their brand, attract target audience, attract customers, generate new business opportunities, establish synergies…).

With a blog you update your corporate website That is why it is recommended to have a blog. When you have a blog within your company website, if you publish with a certain frequency (at least once a week), you are renewing the content of your page and Google likes that. Now, the content must be relevant and of interest to your target. In this way, they are more likely to share it on their social networks, you will get more traffic and the search engines will position you in better positions. In short: publish quality content and frequently. Tips for blogging on your business page Where do you want to position yourself? Before writing, study the niche that is most feasible for you when it comes to positioning yourself.

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