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This is the second part of the Toolkit . Even during the holidays, service launches multiply. So you are not safe to see the third episode very soon   Today I selected two totally useless tools on Christmas and bacon , a file converter , a site that allows you to send emails with a fake address ,Saint Lucia B2B List   URL shortened and generator. Good discovery ! noIs it Christmas? : in line with Is it going to rain but even more useless, Is it Christmas answers this simple question: is it Christmas?

Today I Selected Two Totally Useless

The answer will often be no, but there will be change tomorrow! deadname Deadname : I admit that this service made me laugh. It allows you to send mails with the address of Saint Lucia B2B List and thus to impersonate a celebrity, a politician or any other person of your choice. You can do this from the main hosting platforms, from the direct URL of the file or by uploading it.

The Address of Your Choice

Saint Lucia B2B List
Saint Lucia B2B List

To keep on hand, it can always be useful. : undoubtedly the service of the year. Add the URL of the site of your choice at the end of that of the site, you will see the latter Saint Lucia B2B List with a nice slice of bacon. Homer Simpson will be happy. But what is that for ? To nothing. That’s why it’s beautiful. eyechartmakerEye Chart Maker : If you go to the ophthalmologist from time to time, this generator will bring back memories.

You can choose the text of your choice, it will be displayed on the table. This way, you won’t get the wrong letter anymore. longurlLong URL please : tinyURL-style services that allow you to shorten a URL abound. This Firefox extension will create real competition. You will now be able to see which site you are redirected to, the URL remaining the same as the original one but shorter. Really practical.

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