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The race to steal market share from google in local search has been futile. Google dominates search with Qatar Mobile Number over 63% market share, and in mobile, where the growth is. Google has almost a 95% monopoly. The dark horse of the race is facebook. The one that can match google goliath in size, audience and resources. Still, it never seriously challenged google in search. And both companies seemed somewhat content to Qatar Mobile Number retreat to their respective corners of strength. Facebook postponing in search and google shelving its google+ social network. With its huge user base and volume of personal data. Facebook has great potential to help users in their search for local products services. And to help businesses find each other.

Local Search Qatar Mobile Number

All the components are there: millions of business pages. Location data, behavior data, demographic Qatar Mobile Number information, social media and engagement. Yet despite the potential, facebook had been unable in recent years to effectively compete with google in local search. Facebook is a great place to engage with existing customers Qatar Mobile Number and reach. A targeted audience with sponsored posts in news feeds. However, customers still largely left the platform to find local businesses and Qatar Mobile Number information. The local search association (disclosure: my employer) recently released a report.

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Qatar Mobile Number
Qatar Mobile Number

On how consumers in 12 cities with different populations search. For local business information. Search Qatar Mobile Number engines still dominate local search with 80% usage. Compared to 48% for social networks. But facebook seems to be steadily improving its search function. Preferring to move at a deliberate pace in developing its own proprietary technology. Instead of contracting with others (as it previously did with bing). About 18 months Qatar Mobile Number ago, i reviewed facebook’s. Search capability and concluded that it lacked complete and accurate data. Returned poor search results, and generally provided a poor user experience.

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