Censorship, Hadoop and the Internet: Can We Control the Web?

The Internet is a wonderful space of freedom. Already at the time of the famous 56k modem as noisy as a lawn mower engine (the famous AOL unlimited offer at 99 francs), the possibilities offered by this tool made people dream. Ten years, 177 million domain names and 58% of households connectes later, the promises have been kept. Knowledge and communication are just a click away: learning a Austria B2B List , current information, school sources, communication, online software… The web has become a daily tool, usable from our phones, our work, our residence. But such a large area of ​​freedom necessarily has a downside .

The Possibilities Offered by This Tool

The village is global, the ability of the authorities to control the network is necessarily limited. The psychosis therefore increased as quickly as the number of connections. The Internet Austria B2B List to learn how to build bombs, to bet online, to structure mafia and terrorist organizations and, worst of all, to pirate movies and music . The fight against these abuses has therefore taken shape. Governments are putting in place operations to protect businesses and Internet users . However, the latter are often reluctant to any form of control. A few days before the review of the Hadopi law, here are some examples of what is happening abroad (and in France). Australia accessThe initiative of the Australian government started from a good feeling.

To Control the Network Is Necessarily

Austria B2B List
Austria B2B List

Beyond that, Internet users and associations consumers speak out against a unilateral choice. . And above all, in the collective mind, it would open the door to information control , synonymous with amputated freedom. Seen on latruffe ‘s Twitter , a tool has been set up to raise awareness among Internet users. Submit a link, the site will provide you with a censored version of the target. Here is an example with my blog. The following warning message will appear:

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