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Therefore, in different economic sectors are topics that are developed in the course. On the one hand. agriculture as an economic basis for feeding the world’s population and its productive. strategic and environmental income. On the other hand. the evolution of industry at different territorial and temporal scales and the connection with research and investigation. And finally. services. which are presented as the main source of employment in developed countries; The expansion of the tourism subsector stands out from those in the tertiary sector. eco-geog-640x336Based on examples and case studies.

However, we want to make possible the territorial analysis and the understanding of the local and global socio-economic context. In other words. to make students aware of the processes of production. distribution and consumption. and the implications and responsibilities for those elements that can shape economic prosperity. social equity and environmental sustainability. Anna Vera . Economic Geography Consultant in the UdL-UOC Degree in History. Geography and Art History. MARY BEARD – The academic specializing in Classical Studies who has brought history closer to the public Many of you probably know Mary Beard . For those of you who don’t know who she is. (we would be surprised!).

She Is An Academic Specializing

Above all, in classical studies and a historian who has Croatia phone numbers to spread her discipline in an extraordinary way. From rigor and absolute passion. he has transferred his knowledge internationally to various communication formats. However, not only has it generated active listening from those who follow it from all over the world. it has also aroused concern and predilection for history. which makes us very happy. Mary Beard is a clear example that belies one of the most widely used collective fallacies: knowledge cannot be divulged out of rigor and history is boring.  Author of works such as The Roman Triumph (2008). Pompeii (2009) and SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome (2016).

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Most importantly, mary Beard is also note for her feminist side and has advocate for the public voice of women. Winner of the 2016 Princess of Asturias Prize for Social Sciences. Mary Beard tops our list of landmarks. for her unquestionable dedication to spreading history. If you want to know more about Mary Beard. we invite you to read this article by Óscar González. tutor of the Consultant of the Degree in Humanities and Tutor of the Degree in History. Geography and Art History : — Mary Beard or why classical studies are VERY necessary . by Óscar González Mary Beard referents arts humanities uoc JUDITH BUTLER.

A Discourse Built From

Similarly, the margins that has reached centrality and makes silent voices visible Judith. Butler has aroused many philosophical and sociological passions in recent years. One of the reasons for Butlerophilia. Or Butler fever. is to represent invisible voices in their speeches and to put on the table issues of gender. identity. power. desire. sexuality. sex. and normativity.  judith Butler has been a speaker and at the same time a device for rethinking the subject. This renowned philosopher. commonly referenced by Queer Theory . Focuses her philosophical analysis outside of institutionalization and defines the structures. That weave the normative paradigm of gender along with sexuality and desire.

In conclusion, leading in her readings to the need to transform the idea. On the construction of social identities and integrating changes in the social and educational field. Judith Butler represents a great reference for the Arts and Humanities Studies for all her philosophical and social contributions. If you want to continue reading about Butler. we recommend this article by Patricia Soley-Beltran. UOC ‘s degree consultant in Humanities . author of ¡¡Divinas! Models. power and lies (Anagrama Essay Award 2015. Barcelona). — Butlerophilia or the impact of meeting Judith Butler by Patricia. Soley-Beltran Judith Butler women referents studies arts humanities uoc MARIA MERCÈ MARÇAL.

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