Business Card Size: Rectangular or Square?

Having established that the  is perhaps the most effective marketing tool still in circulation, and after having seen how to create one in a professional way, we need to dissolve the doubt related to size. What measures should a business card have if you are looking for the classic sizes of a standard business card then the answer is quite simple mm. Rectangular format, perfect for your wallet, with a classic weight of 350gr . This is by far the most used version. The 90x50mm variant is also very popular . Contents hide 1 rectangular  2 rectangular business card mm square business card 4 business card sizes in the world 5 rounded corners 6 type of card 7 in what format to save the business cards rectangular business card 85x55mm when it comes to business cards , the size we take for granted.


After looking at the most common

Because it is the one that most of all can be conveniently stored background remove service in the wallet. But not only. It is also a question of dexterity. As this is the format we receive the most, our eyes already know what to expect when we receive one. The dimensions, even if small, allow you to enter all the necessary information, presentation and contact. To learn more, find the article how to build successful business cards . Rectangular business card 90x50mm slightly wider than the previous one, but also 5 millimeters lower. This format is often found in eastern european countries. Graphically it changes little.

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In what format to save the business cards

The space available to insert contacts and graphics remains UAB Directory sufficient. 6.5 × 6.5mm square business card the square business card allows you to stand out more from standard formats. They are indicated to show the logo or photo of a product on the front. Its overall smaller dimensions make this format ideal for use as a coupon or product instructions.  sizes around the world country you go … Habits you find. Not all countries adopt the same business card format. Of course this does not mean that if you distribute the 85x55mm format in the united states you will have made a big mistake. But it is always advisable to adapt to the standards of the country that is hosting you.

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