How to Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing

We all know what branding is, and chances are, you’re already doing branding for your business. But are you building a personal brand?

You should be, because it may be more important than you think.

The community of entrepreneurs and freelancers is fast-growing, and anyone with access to the internet can build an audience by showing their expertise.

Personal branding is everything—it’s your reputation, how people perceive you, and how much they value your knowledge. In short, building a recognizable personal brand opens professional opportunities, and it’s the only way to differentiate yourself from your competition longterm.

By establishing a personal brand, you can build a community. Read on to learn how you can build that community for yourself.

So how do you build a thriving community through email marketing?

Your first question may be: why email marketing over social media?

Better insights to build winning campaigns

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After all, some people believe email isn’t especially beneficial, but that just isn’t true. Not only can email provide great ROI, but nearly all adults have an email account. This means email has a broader reach than any other social media platform.

Did you know the average open rate of email is 22%? The average reach rate on Instagram is 10%, which means only 10% of your followers get to see your posts. And Facebook is worse, with only a 6% reach rate.

According to Statista, 82% of people check their email at least once a day, and 50% of those emails are read on mobile phones.

In short, email is one of the best ways you have to reach your audience.

How to use email marketing for building a personal brand

1. Make it personal.

Segmentation is the key to successful marketing. You can use email segmentation to send out relevant content to each individual subscriber.

All of your subscribers have subscribed to your email because they like what you have to offer and say. They align with your company’s goals.

However, not all content is relevant for everyone. You need Georgia WhatsApp Number List to segment your subscribers based on criteria like gender, location, and more to accordingly personalize and send your emails.  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

It helps you build a personal relationship with your customers, and they feel valued.

Once you’ve segmented, consider appealing to your segments in a way that illustrates who you are. Yes, you have a business, but how do you fit into that business?

If you’re building a female-run company, for example, consider explaining your company values to a female segment.

That’s not to say you can’t do the same for your other segments, but keeping your audiences in mind can provide the chance to curate highly tailored content. For instance, you might provide a link to an article about how you started your business and how other women like you can, too.

2. Promote brand awareness.

Email enables you to put yourself in front of your audience and spread awareness about your brand.

You can compile a weekly or monthly newsletter that includes relevant information for your audiences. This is how your subscribers keep up with all the latest updates about your brand. Content plays an important role here—if you keep it interesting, consistent, and specific to their needs, they’ll be more likely to read your emails.

Every time you send an email, you’re promoting your brand, but it’s also a chance to promote yourself.

Instead of sending emails from your company name, consider sending them from a personalized send name (e.g. Jill at Campaign Monitor). Provide a personal anecdote or an interesting tidbit about yourself.

If subscribers can relate to you, they’ll be much more interested in your company.

Make branded copy for every piece of marketing.

3. Build better campaigns.

One core benefit of using email is that you’re generating incredibly valuable insights on your subscribers.

There’s lots of email marketing software that gives you insights into various metrics. Using this software, you can know when someone opens your email, clicks through it, or opens attachments.

Open rate is the percentage of the total number of your subscribers who opened your email, and the click-through rate is the percentage of subscribers who’ve clicked on at least one link in your email.

You can use the data to build better campaigns. By discovering which content is working and which isn’t, you can work towards increasing your CTR by adjusting accordingly.

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