Build Trust with Your Client Senegal Phone Number

We often associate these types of pages with scams or products that may not match what is advertised. If you know the quality of what you are going to sell in Mercado Libre,  why not explore the full potential of this product?

Small actions are responsible for generating trust. We’ll talk about some throughout the content, but in general, think about things like:

  • ad title;
  • quantity and quality of images;
  • Product description;
  • size chart, if applicable;
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions), with common questions already answered by you.

Think that the more information you find first hand, the greater the

chances that the customer will be “excited” and already put the items in the cart.

The idea that we will reinforce throughout the text, but that we have already advanced here, is the following: the best way to know how to sell on Mercado Libre is to be able to  minimize communication obstacles and the barriers that make the purchase process more difficult.

2. Make good ads

A good advertisement is not made from a “recipe”. This is because a series of details will depend on the product that will be sold in Mercado Libre. However,  trust is earned precisely with a good structure of the page and its profile.

As for the  images , it is important that they show the product with all the details that the buyer needs to observe. For example: if the color of the article is something important for the decision making, take advantage of the natural light of the day so that the photo is true to reality.

Certain lights can change the color of an Senegal Phone Number object, affecting the customer’s understanding and creating expectations that may not be met upon receipt. Generally speaking, the better the viewing experience, the more likely you are to sell.

Another detail about the image: try to offer at least two or three different angles of the product. Remember to reduce the chance that the customer will get a product below their expectations.

Going through the description, ask yourself: if the interested party were me, what information would I need to give me  enough security to make the purchase ? With that thought in mind, don’t be afraid to make a long description. By responding to the customer’s main objections, you will have fulfilled your role.

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3. Ensure a good shopping experience

One of the main points involved in the shopping experience focuses on its relationship with the customer. Remember to visit your profile periodically to respond to all the contacts that arrive in your inbox.

There are people who need to ask a question or two before making a purchase, people who want to know more details, among others. In any scenario,  a quick turnaround ensures a more comfortable shopping experience .

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