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Every year, the Market Opportunity Research agency, MKOR Consulting, conducts a series of its own market research. The selected topics vary. Looking to El Salvador WhatsApp Number find out interesting things about. The topics of interest of the moment, as well as to know or deepen certain markets of interest. This is how, at the beginning of 2017, the idea of ​​an ambitious and beautiful project at the same time was born. We set out to identify those brands that successfully represent Romania abroad.

What Do We Mean by “Brand Ambassador”?

Which Wall-Street would award at the annual Wall-Street Gala at the end of 2017. Download the Romanian Ambassador Brand Guide for free : Download Brand Guide Ambassador of Romania I want to get instant access wallstreet gala cover Then came the real challenge: to find that category of respondents from all over the world who can provide us with the best information about the Ambassador Brands of Romania. Thus, we stopped at the Romanian diaspora, so well represented on all continents of the world. What do we mean by “Brand Ambassador”? In trying to define what “ambassador brands” mean.

Download the Internationalization Guide

El Salvador WhatsApp Number
El Salvador WhatsApp Number

Then We have turned to two categories: Romanian personalities recognized abroad: be they cultural, historical, representatives of arts or science or business people; Romanian brands that have managed to make themselves visible abroad. We were glad to find on the list of winners brands with tradition, with history, which have managed to overcome the challenges of the last decades, which have been transformed, reinvented, without forgetting the mission I carry on: that by the ambassadors of Romania. dacia analysis Download the Internationalization Guide The Country Brand Ambassadors

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