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Videos are an important  Content Marketing tool , if they offer  valuable content to  the public. This means not only does it address interesting topics, but it also makes it easy to consume on any device.

When this happens, they have the power to drive relevant traffic to your site or blog, as the user wants to “learn more” if the topic interests them.

Another advantage is the ability to increase  the time of stay on the page . After all, when the video is good, it makes you want to watch until the end! And Google knows how to recognize it to benefit your effort in searches.

Main mobile video platforms

If the consumer journey is multichannel, your mobile video strategy should be too. The content needs to travel through different channels to be found and seen by more users.

So the trick is to create a  cross-platform strategy  . Now look at the main platforms you can work with:


Only those data already show why your mobile video strategy should go through YouTube:

  • It is the most popular platform specialized in online videos;
  • More than half of visitors come from mobile devices ( source );
  • Users spend more than 1 hour per day, on average, on YouTube for mobile ( source ).

You have a very large potential range! With YouTube Jordan Phone Number SEO techniques  , you

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Further increase your chances of being found in search.


Facebook competes with YouTube in the video  market, despite not being specialized in this format.

Some solutions such as: video ads, live videos and automatic playback in the feed, are in favor of videos on Facebook. And, because access to mobile apps is huge, video can reach thousands of users.


Like Facebook, Instagram also began to value videos, but still without many resources.

The app also has autoplay feature in the feed and that increases views and offers stories that can be pre-recorded or done live. The important thing is that the  videos on Instagram  have the characteristics of the network: creative, aesthetic and natural.

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