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The best experiences are the ones where we don’t have. To wait for things: getting an hour-long delivery Ghana Mobile Number from instacart, jumping lines at disney world with a fastpass. Getting a response from our digital assistants like alexa in less than a second. Large, successful Ghana Mobile Number companies have realized that “faster = more money. So they cater to consumers’ insatiable demand for instant Ghana Mobile Number gratification. In doing so, they build a strategic advantage and a stronger business. Luckily, there are areas of business where we don’t need to invest millions in order to deliver more speed.

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And, as i’ll explain in this article, that can easily. Turn into a significant improvement in the Ghana Mobile Number bottom. Line. And even though adwords doesn’t seem to officially support amp yet. Advertisers can still use this technology to deliver landing pages faster. This can lead to big wins in conversion rate and quality. And in turn help Ghana Mobile Number advertisers in a crowded field gain that essential edge over the competition. Google really cares about speed since its inception. Google has worked hard to make search results pages load so quickly that users would. Get an answer before their minds could start to wander and think of something else.

The Mobile Ghana Mobile Number

Ghana Mobile Number
Ghana Mobile Number

According to kissmetrics, google once conducted. An experiment to show 30 search results instead of 10. The Ghana Mobile Number extra 500 milliseconds it took to load the page resulted in a 20% drop in usage. Google is so serious about speed that there have even been Ghana Mobile Number instances. Where they didn’t show any ads on the serps because the ad auction took too long. Rather than delaying the page load. They simply served it Ghana Mobile Number ad-free. In fact, we can take advantage of free open source. Projects like google’s accelerated mobile pages (amp) to make mobile web pages faster.

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