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Most people don’t like ads. You really can’t blame them. We live in a world where thousands of brands struggle for exposure. Advertising is everywhere: on the streets, on public transport, on TV, on the radio, and of course on the Internet. Y  be nowhere to hide. Everyone wants your attention! No wonder advertising has become a  Guatemala Phone Number List nuisance for so many people these days But ads don’t have to be annoying. In fact, some of them can be  Guatemala Phone Number List very engaging and fun! Imagine walking down the street and seeing a giant juicy burger slapped on the sidewalk. This is something to consider! You’ll no doubt notice it from a distance, and you’ll even wonder who left it there. Maybe it even puts a smile on your face

What exactly is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing, also known as “street marketing”, is an advertising strategy designed to draw public attention to a brand or product through creative  Guatemala Phone Number List and original marketing gimmicks. As radical as the word itself may sound, guerrilla marketing has nothing to do with warfare. “Guerrilla” is meant to imply the element of surprise or shock, which is the crux of this marketing technique.

However Indoor Guerrilla Marketing

often combined creatively Guatemala Phone Number List  with the environment: sidewalks, zebra crossings, bus stops, city benches, dumpsters, building facades, public transport, etc. However, indoor guerrilla marketing is not uncommon. Stunts can even take the form of events that passersby can participate in.

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