Best Email Drip Campaign Examples of 2019

The truth is that email conversion rates are about 40 times higher than those recorded from social media. As a marketing channel, email is both reliable and cost-efficient, in terms of being able to adapt to ever-changing trends.

With great reach comes great competition. Did you know that projections put the number of active email accounts across the globe in 2019 at over 5.5 billion and the average worker gets more than 120 emails every day?

Before you even start to engage with your audience through email, they’re likely already overwhelmed by their inbox messages. So how do you rise above the noise and get your subscribers’ attention? Read on for some email drip campaign examples that can inspire you to create relevant and competitive content.

What is an email drip campaign?

An email drip campaign uses pre-written and automated messages. Like most marketing efforts, its goals are to maintain engagement and drive conversions. This type of email campaign is the marriage of a marketing concept and a modern email marketing tool.

The former is drip marketing. The philosophy is persistence based and maximizes the capability to provide ongoing value. Many email drip campaigns share tidbits of information over days or weeks, sending email sequences on a preset schedule.

The latter is email automation, a standard feature offered by most email marketing services. Instead of manually sending every email, marketers can set up triggers—such as opt-ins or purchases—and have a campaign run on its own.

Why are email drip campaigns effective?

Autoresponder emails make setting up drip campaigns fast, easy, and very affordable. For each dollar spent on drip marketing in 2016, the average ROI was about $38. Even without constant effort, constant and always relevant emails keep your brand in your subscribers’ minds.

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Email drip campaigns and the targeted Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List message sending they’re known for can free up valuable time in your schedule. Modern technology allows marketers to respond consistently and effectively to specific subscriber behavior—even when you’re focusing on other tasks.

Automation in email also means that your best work doesn’t go to waste. For example: write and perfect a welcome email series once and have it sent to each new subscriber upon signup.  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

While multiple email drip campaigns run in the background, you could be reviewing performance metrics or working on other marketing messages too. Revenue can trickle in even when you’re on vacation.

How do you craft an email drip campaign?

Ready to make your email marketing job a whole lot easier? Here’s how to create an email drip campaign, step by step:

  • Have a purpose or a problem to solve. Your campaign needs an end goal before you can flesh it out. Without this, you may find it hard to choose a trigger or set parameters—such as the number of emails and the content of each message.
  • Segment your distribution list. Cultivating optimized subsets of subscribers can help boost conversions. Segmentation leads to more pertinent information delivered to more interested people.
  • Set up your email sequence. How many emails will you need to craft? What’s the sending schedule of each email? It’s important to finalize this before working on the campaign. You don’t want to write something only to have to scrap it later on.
  • Write marketing emails. Aim for an evergreen quality, from the subject lines to the CTA. Remember that these emails may reach people months or even years after you initially create them.
  • Improve the campaign as you go. If you feel the need to adjust certain elements, do so. Email drip campaigns aren’t set in stone. You can use A/B testing if you’re unsure whether a change will help or hurt your metrics.

Many email drip campaign examples are long and complicated sequences involving multiple emails. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Some are only one or two messages long.

Here are 6 great email drip campaign examples.

You can use several email drip campaigns to keep in touch with a single distribution list. However, you must remember that too many emails at once can stress your audience—sometimes to the point of unsubscribing.

Review your triggers and segments often. Keep tweaking your email drip campaigns. Find an optimal design that keeps your subscribers interested without burning them out.

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