Behavior of Consumption Post-covid

The two months of isolation and the fragile situation we are in. In the context of the danger of infection with the new COVID-19 virus. Have affected and will continue to change the consumption behavior of Romanians. Thus, they are inclined to choose outdoor Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number activities and spend their holidays in the country, according to the study Post-COVID Onsum Behaviors, conducted by the real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield Echinox, together with MKOR Consulting.

Romanians Prefer Outdoor and Sports Activities

In the context of the gradual lifting of restrictions. The main activities that Romanians want to do more often are walks in the park (32%). Spending holidays in Romania (26%) and outdoor sports activities (25%). Followed by participation in cultural events (17%), workouts at the gym (15%) and going to children’s playgrounds (14%). Although Romanians are heavy consumers of shopping malls (30% of respondents used to eat at the mall at least once a week and 18% bought clothes just as often). Their behavior will change at least in the short term, given that the trend is to avoid crowded spaces, but also financial constraints.

Shopping for Electronics

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number

Then Appliances and household and garden. Items is more common and has a secure position in the market. In general, parents are open to all the proposed ways of conducting face-to-face classes, but the most popular way is to keep the lessons in the open air, in the form of laboratories, as far as possible, with the emphasis on put on the practical side of education (6.3 points out of 7 possible).

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