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In addition to the fact that there are those who trust companies that know they can make mistakes. but are willing to rectify them. having negative reviews also shows that positive comments are not paid. In this case. a lawsuit could have been too great an extreme in a situation that undoubtedly seems like a misunderstanding. because now the image of the company is called into question by the level to which they are willing to reach due to a bad review on the internet. . READ MORE Amazon bribing for good reviews? A leak says yes Tesla forces employees to search for anti-Musk posts on social media Google risks its prestige with a new $50 smartphone The pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech Ltd. has been present in one of the most important soccer tournaments of the year.

The pandemic. has been a year of great sports competitions. each one immersed in its own social. political. economic and. of course. health context. The European Championship. the Copa América and the Olympic Games. not counting the Gold Cup. were scheduled to take place in 2020. but. due to the pandemic. they had to be moved to 2021. which. in terms of Covid-19. has returned to flare up in various parts of the world. Of these three competitions. the European Championship was the only one that allowed unlimited public access to each of its matches. which increased up to 10 percent of Covid-19 cases in the region. due to the constant travel of fans. . 00:05 / 00:20 00:10 / 00:20 For its part. both in the Copa América and the current Olympic Games.

Public Attendance Has Been

Restricted due to the presence of the new variant Lebanon phone number of the Covid that has several countries experiencing a new wave of serious infections (Mexico included). despite the progress of vaccination. And it is that. although in some countries vaccination is going at a good pace. in others. such as Brazil. Argentina. Mexico. and others in Latin America. progress is still needed in this area. In that sense. a new marketing strategy seems to be coming through the transmission of sporting events. Such is the case of the America’s Cup. where the pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech Ltd. has begun to gain ground. China and Sinovac marketing in football The Chinese pharmaceutical vaccine was one of the most important sponsors of the South American tournament. after which. little by little.

Lebanon phone number

It was position as an image in different interviews offer by the Argentine National Team player. Lionel Messi. consider the best footballer of all time and. without a doubt. a great niche for brands. To begin with. the Copa América in Brazil 2021 had different problems that. at times. Were about to be cancel permanently. Colombia and Argentina would be the host countries of the continental fair. But due to the socio-political context of one and the increase in Covid-19 infections in the other. South American soccer was brought to Brazil. generate great controversy. As it was It is the country that has registered the most deaths since the start of the pandemic with more than 500.000 registered deaths.

In Its First Phase Alone

The contest already accounted for almost 200 cases of Covid-19. and even so. the tournament continued until its final stage. However. since before the Copa América began. Some cases of contagion had already been report. which. due to an atmosphere of uncertainty. Cause some important sponsors to withdraw from the tournament. Companies such as Mastercard. AmBev (owner of the Brazilian breweries Brahma and Antarctica. and a subsidiary of the world’s largest brewer. ABInBev). as well as Diageo (a company that owns major beer brands such as Smirnoff. Johnnie Walker. Baileys or J&B) decided not to be part of the tournament. In this way. an important opportunity was give for other companies. To position themselves as official sponsors of the Copa América.

Which unfolded between criticism and demands for cancellation by opponents. Thus. companies such as TCL. specialized in televisions and other types of screens. And Kwai. a mobile application as a social network. the main competitor of TikTok. Both based in China. joined the Swedish bookmaker Betsson. But there was still one issue to be resolve: the issue of vaccination in the participating countries. That’s when Sinovac entered the game in a move that undoubtedly won everyone. On the one hand. CONMEBOL managed to vaccinate the Copa América countries; the pharmaceutical company Sinovac promoted its product (its vaccine) in the South American market; and China positioned itself in the region.

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