Automation, Digitization and Robotics Are Embraced of Leaders

On June 19, 2018, MKOR Consulting was at the Prague European Summit to discuss with specialists in the field the impact that robotics, digitization and automation have on the labor market. Thus, Corina Cimpoca – the founder of MKOR Consulting – was part of the panel France WhatsApp Number Automation, Robotization, and Transformation of the Labor Market: Impacts for Central Europe. Corina-Cimpoca-Prague-Summit Discussions between representatives of European think tanks, academia and the business community sought to answer a series of questions about the future of the labor market in the context of Industry 4.0.

How Much Will It Be Affected

Then How much will it be  by new technologies? Which industries will change? How can we respond to these changes? MKOR Consulting’s contribution to the debate consisted of data and insights from the Romanian business meant to anchor the discussion in the reality of the business environment. What is Industry 4.0? Industry or Industrialization 4.0 is the computerized transformation of production and other industries. Computerization consists of connecting robotic machines to the Internet, systematizing services and using information in huge quantities to make work more efficient.

The Origin of Industry 4.0

France WhatsApp Number
France WhatsApp Number

Then Industry 4.0 involves the digitization, automation and / or robotization of work processes. But Based on new technologies. Such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms. Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, etc. The Origin of Industry 4.0 The term Industry 4.0 an initiative group. Consisting of representatives from different industries (business, politics and education) in order to improve competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. The idea was adopted by the German. Federal government in the High-Tech Strategy for 2020. Industry History 4.0 The first Industrial Revolution took place in Britain. In the 18th century when production supported by steam engines.

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