Advanced Email Automation and Customer Journeys to Implement for Your Agency Clients

A strong understanding of your clients’ different customer journeys is crucial to maintaining a strong relationship with your clients’ customers. The more targeted and personalized each touchpoint or email feels to a customer, the more engaged they’ll be with your clients.

That’s good news for your clients, of course. But it’s great news for you and your agency, too. Better performance means a stronger relationship with your accounts, higher renewal rates, and a strong resume you can use to attract new business to your agency’s email marketing services.

Building highly targeted emails for every customer journey is time-consuming if sent as one-off campaigns. It’s simply not scalable to manually send messages to every target right at the most opportune moment.

What is a customer journey, and why is it important?

The customer journey is the sum of experiences, decisions, and interactions someone has leading up to and through making a purchase. It describes how someone first becomes aware of a brand, engages with it, and eventually buys (or doesn’t buy). And hopefully, the journey doesn’t end there.

Everyone’s customer journey is unique, and every brand will have different ideal paths to purchase. Even so, there are recognizable patterns in buying behavior and consumer preferences that can be identified, mapped, and acted on.  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

This will determine the different touchpoints your clients should prioritize. Moreover,  for a personalized and targeted customer journey.

Some agencies decide to create customer journey maps and then use Russia WhatsApp Number List their analysis to discover where there are gaps in communication and where their clients succeed in customer satisfaction. According to Goran Paunovic, Creative Director at ArtVersion Interactive,

“Journey mapping…encourages stakeholders to consider the customer’s needs, wants, emotions and questions, and [creates] the path to fulfill those needs.” McKinsey & Company believes that doing so can “enhance customer satisfaction, improve sales and retention, reduce end-to-end service cost, and strengthen employee satisfaction.” Not only will customer journeys keep your client’s customers engaged—but they will also drive increased ROI.

Using automation to trailblaze email journeys

Marketing automation emails that are sent in customer journeys are based on triggers defined by an email marketing tool. This is know as an email journey. When each customer takes a specific action. The marketing automation tool of choice will send that customer. A relevant email that you designed with or for your client.

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