At Other Times, Such As Castillo

Therefore, movable art associated with the wall panels, far removed from sunlight inside the caves. The set of movable art that is often described as non-utilitarian – or its use is not yet known – such as exempt plates, pebbles and figurines, appear in domestic environments. For his part, Davidson [12]uses the quantities of platelets, their chronologies and territorial distribution to support the phenomenon of greater control in the access to the information from the disappearance of the naturalistic figures of the Gravetià, since the petri supports are restricted to some contexts individuals and in restrictive environments. According to this author, just around 20,000 the production of platelets begins to become widespread, in 18,000 they reach the Dordogne and the Vézere basin, between 15-13,000 they spread to the Pyrenees.

However, cantabria and northern France, and between 12-11,000 only Isturitz, Gönnersdorf and Parpalló remained. In conclusion, throughout the Early Upper Paleolithic, communication networks remained open and access to information was liberalize, as show, among others, by the Gravetian Venus; 8. The narrative-initiatory character: myths, tales and legends It is not improbable to think that in the Pleistocene hunter-gatherer communities, as in any staple culture, there was a strong component of oral tradition. In this way, perhaps myths, tales and legends can be represented in the furniture.

There Are Moving Parts

For instance, with very complicated and recurring “scenes”, sometimes Hong Kong phone number fantastic characters, which would suggest that we are dealing with the synthetic expression of a “myth” and, therefore, the functionality of the object would be to materialize this formula. narrative or mythographic. It is very difficult to read, however, because we do not know the meanings of the conjugation of motives that would be part of the ideological universe of its creators. The scepter . Cova de La Vache. Banya de ren. 14,000 years A very spectacular artifact is the deer tip of La Vache, known as “Le scepter”, 21 cm and from the Upper Magdalenian, where there are carved five heads of different animals: a bird from the neck of which comes a deer protom.

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Ending in a fish (salmon) with two signs in a blade on the back. On the other side and also starting from the bird. We find the head of a bear (or horse) followed by the of a feline. Some have seen the representation of air (bird), water (fish), beneficial terrestrial herbivores (horse and ur / deer). Evil terrestrial carnivores (feline-bear). [13] Another example of the repetition of animalistic themes. And also in similar bone supports, shows the conjugation of a carnivore attacking, in almost all cases. A deer with its head in a frontal position.

Developed In A Set

Of pieces in which the figure of a bison-ur related to very simple humanoid silhouettes stands out. At best anthropomorphic, which would often carry on the shoulder a kind of elongated instrument. On the bone plate of Raymonden there is a dismembered bison. With two cut legs placed in front of the head and, starting from this.  A branch-like path that suggests the spine of the animal. On both sides of which two series of figures identified as human profiles. In all the supports and types of movable artistic pieces of the Upper Pleistocene. The figurative themes are very constant and repetitive, so that it is feasible to reduce them to a fundamental trio. Anthropomorphic (with human forms), zoomorphic (animal figures).

An initial warning. The Judeo-Christian tradition represents the concept of Paul with the biblical dove that returned. To Noah’s ark with an olive branch in its beak. If we did not know its symbolism, we would describe it as “animalistic theme. Dove” or, at most, “dove building a nest” when we look at the plant motif that leads to the beak. We must therefore be very careful when making classifications and identifications. And try not to apply our mental schemas and meanings to the artistic manifestations of the past. Anthropomorphs Among the reasons for the human theme, it is possible to differentiate the pieces by gender.

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