Analyze: Profile Society Which Have Applied

Cristi Tudorescu, financial consultant for MKOR. Mmade an analysis of the profile of the companies applying. To the governmental support program. For the business environment, IMM Invest. The National SME Credit Guarantee Fund (FNGCIMM) has completed the Bolivia WhatsApp Number processing of applications in the first week after the launch of the program. Starting from. The data available in , Cristi Tudorescu made an analysis of the profile of the films that applied. On the first day for this type of support from the state.

Profile of Companies Applying

At the time of writing, the applications analyzed accounted for about one-third of all applications received in the first week. Profile of companies applying to SME Invest, April 2020 In terms of scope of activity , most applications for state-subsidized loans came from retail (trade) and manufacturing companies . Also important are the construction works and the HoReCa field , where we also included the travel agencies . Following the quality of the applicant companies so far, over two thirds (67.9%).

If You Want to Apply

Bolivia WhatsApp Number
Bolivia WhatsApp Number

Then Of the applicants have a low risk score , over 6 out of 10. But This score reflects the higher chances of the companies to qualify for a working capital loan and / or or one of investments, from the perspective of the financing banks. The scoring was calculated using the ConfiRisk tool , which Cristi Tudorescu developed together with Confidas. ConfiRisk scoring is illustrated on a scale of 1 to 10, where the range of 8 to 9.9 is for companies with very low risk for business partners, be they financial or commercial creditors. On the other hand.

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