Analysis on the Thailand Phone Number Features of WeChat Official Account Comments

Starting from the driving force of the WeChat official account, the article briefly analyzes the three characteristics of the WeChat official Thailand Phone Number account comment function from different angles, and shares it with you.

WeChat driving force

  1. Well-made, up-to-date products
  2. Let the people who really create value be seen

For product managers, the driving force behind a product is the original intention of conceiving the product. Good products, all designs will not Thailand Phone Number deviate from the original power. WeChat regards “making people who have real creative value be seen” as the driving force, so in the design of the official account, it will also pay more attention to the interests of creators. Grasp this, it is better to analyze.

The platform itself

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The official account is different from the community platforms such as Zhihu and Weibo. It is created by individuals/groups. Articles are regularly updated and pushed to those who subscribe to it. It does not affect other users. Therefore, the official account is more like a personal circle. To recognize their own fan creations, fans interact with creators they admire.

It is precisely because of this freely selectable personal circle attribute that people’s views on public accounts and platforms are separate. People Thailand Phone Number will not judge the quality of a platform because of the quality of the content of a public account, but Zhihu Different from Weibo and Weibo, the content created by creators is shared in the community. People with different opinions can’t avoid it, so they can only argue. If they can’t speak freely, they can’t form a community atmosphere. In addition, in such a large community, creation and comments are both ways to show personalities, and the platform cannot take it away, but it needs to be managed, because the quality of the content is directly related to the platform’s reputation.

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