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Ranna zhou, google product manager for amp, was the first to speak. She talked about amp ads. This is an Macedonia Mobile Number important topic because amp monetization. Has been one of the big concerns about it since the very beginning. She shared some interesting Macedonia Mobile Number data on amp ads. First, some market data. There are already Macedonia Mobile Number over 2 billion amp pages that have been implemented in over 900 domains. More and more companies are also joining us. New partners include yahoo japan, baidu, sogou, tencent. Qzone (640 million monthly active users) and weibo (313 million monthly active users).

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Zhou also shared a case study, for ali express, which reported a 10.5% increase in conversions. And a 27% increase Macedonia Mobile Number in conversion rate on their site. She then discussed amp ads. Google’s display ad network, doubleclick. Reports that 90% of publishers using amp ads experience higher ctr, and 70% experience higher ecpm. With Macedonia Mobile Number amp ads compared to traditional ads. Google adsense has implemented amp auto ads. Amp auto ads amp has also started implementing support for video ads. Learn more about amp support for video ads here. Another key to amp advertising is cryptographic signing and validation.

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Macedonia Mobile Number
Macedonia Mobile Number

This allows negotiation to take place to show that an ad response is a valid amp. Ad by sending a cryptographic Macedonia Mobile Number signature for the ad along with the response. During the process, the ad is validated and signed before it is broadcast. Amp ads are much lighter and faster, and zhou shared some data to confirm this: amp ads Macedonia Mobile Number are fast! She also told us that amp ads use 80% less battery than non-amp ads. Zhou also shared that native. Programmatic display ad provider triplelift supports amp – and is showing great results.

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